Lite N Easy menu prices

Lite N Easy logo image Lite N Easy is probably best known for its commitment to providing convenient, nutritious, and delicious meal options, making it a go-to choice for individuals seeking effective weight loss or management solutions. As one of the most well known food companies in Australia specializing in this niche, Lite N Easy has established itself through years of dedicated service and a reputation for excellence. With a wide array of healthy and satisfying meals, expertly crafted by local Aussie nutritionists to meet various dietary needs and preferences, Lite N Easy offers a solution for everyone. Whether you're aiming to shed a few pounds or simply maintain a balanced diet, explore our menu below to discover the perfect options for you. Check out the full range of Lite N Easy menu prices below:

Full Meal Plans

(Based on 1200 calories)
(Based on 1500 calories)
7 Day - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner$165.95$179.95
5 Day - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner$128.95$138.95
4 Day - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner$105.95$117.95
3 Day - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner$86.95$93.95

Meal Plan Options - 5 Day Plans

Breakfast & Lunch only$83.95$91.95
Breakfast & Dinner only$96.95$102.95
Lunch & Dinner only$112.95$119.95
Lunch only$62.95$67.95

Meal Plan Options - 7 Day Plans

Breakfast & Lunch only$105.95$118.95
Breakfast & Dinner only$122.95$124.95
Lunch & Dinner only$140.95$148.95
Lunch only$73.95$83.95

Jump Start Plans

Jump Start Lite - (Based on full 1200 calorie Mela Plan)$158.95
Jump Start Standard - (Based on full 1500 calorie Mela Plan)$171.95

Dinners Only

5 x Dinners$73.95
7 x Dinners$89.95
10 x Dinners$120.95
14 x Dinners$155.95
21 x Dinners*$227.95
28 x Dinners*$279.70
*Frozen dinners only.

Smaller Meals & Desserts

Lunch Favourites (5 Pack)$34.95
Easy Bites (5 Pack)$27.45
Standard Soups (5 Pack)$19.95
Standard Desserts (5 Pack)$12.95
Snack Packs$9.95

My Choice

5 x Dinner$67.95
7 x Dinners$85.95
10 x Dinners$112.95
14 x Dinners$146.95
21 x Dinners$209.95
28 x Dinners$264.95
5 x Soups$24.95
5 x Desserts$17.95

My Choic - Meal Plans

3 Dinners + 3 Soups$67.95
5 Dinners + 5 Soups$85.95
7 Dinners + 7 Soups$112.95
3 Dinners + 3 Soups + 3 Desserts $67.95
5 Dinners + 5 Soups + 5 Desserts$96.45
7 Dinners + 7 Soups + 7 Desserts$124.95


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