El Jannah menu prices

El Jannah logo image El Jannah, a cornerstone of Lebanese cuisine, has captured the hearts and palates of Aussie food lovers since its inception. First opened in Granville, El Jannah has since become synonymous with mouthwatering charcoal chicken, drawing patrons from far and wide across Sydney. Beyond their renowned charcoal chicken, El Jannah offers a good selection of tasty treats including Fried Chicken, Boxes, Burgers, Rolls, Salads, and an assortment of delicious sauces, including their popular garlic, chilli, and hommus varieties. With its commitment to quality and flavour, El Jannah promises the very best in Lebanese charcoal chicken. Want to learn more, take a look at the complete El Jannah menu with prices below:

Charcoal Chicken

Menu ItemPrice
Quarter Chicken Plate $11.50
Quarter Chicken Meal $11.90
Half Chicken Plate $15.90
Half Chicken Meal $16.50
Whole Chicken Plate $29.90
Whole Chicken Meal $37.50
Mixed Chicken Meal $49.90
Family Meal $59.90
Whole Chicken $18.90
Half Chicken $10.50
Quarter Chicken $6.50

Fried Chicken

Menu ItemPrice
Mixed Pieces x3 $9.90
Mixed Pieces x5 $15.50
Mixed Pieces x10 $29.90
Tenders x3 $9.40
Tenders x5 $13.70
Tenders x10 $24.50
Wings x4 $8.50
Wings x8 $14.50
Wings x12 $19.90
Regular EJ Bites $5.50
Large EJ Bites $18.50

Chicken Boxes

Menu ItemPrice
Crispy Box $20.90
Charcoal Box $20.90
Fried Variety Box $20.90


Menu ItemPrice
Crispy Chicken Burger $9.90
EJ Chicken Burger $9.90
Crispy Chicken Burger Meal $16.90
EJ Chicken Burger Meal $16.90


Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Roll $12.90
Hot Chip Roll $9.90
Tawouk Roll $12.90
Shawarma Roll $12.90
Chicken Roll Meal $18.90
Hot Chip Roll Meal $16.50
Tawouk Roll Meal $18.90
Shawarma Roll Meal $18.90


Menu ItemPrice
Tawouk Platter $22.90
Shawarma Meal $27.50

Green Salads

Menu ItemSmallMediumLarge
Tabouli - $7.50 $10.50
Coleslaw - $7.50 $10.50

Hot Chips

Menu ItemSmallMediumLarge
Chips $4.50 $8.50 $23.90


Menu ItemSmallMediumLarge
Garlic Sauce $1.50 $3.90 $5.90
EJ Chilli Sauce $1.50 $3.90 $5.90
Hommous $4.50 $7.90 $9.90
Babaghanouj $4.50 $7.90 $9.90
Pickles - $6.50 $8.90


Menu ItemSmallMediumLarge
Chicken Salad $15.50
Fattoush Salad $11.90
Garden Salad $10.90


Menu ItemPrice
Bag Of Bread $2.50


Menu ItemPrice
Kids Meal $11.50


Menu ItemPrice
Can of Soft Drink $3.50
600ml Bottle of Soft Drink $4.50
600ml Bottle of Water $3.50
600ml Bottle of Sparkling Water $3.90
Lipton Iced Tea Peach $4.50
Apple Juice $3.90
Orange Juice $3.90
Pop Top Apple Juice $3.40
Pop Top Water $3.40